So it has been some time since I wrote anything on here. I am horrible about keeping things like this updated. It’s been a fairly uneventful week. My wife is overdue with her pregnancy so we are kinda just sitting tight mostly waiting for him to come.

I’ve been watching a bunch of college football lately. Man, its good to have football back. I’ve also been trying to ride my skateboard more. It really helps me to relax to just get on it and go. The wife and I went to a local store today called  Spice after church. They have a lot of stairs to climb to get into the store and we thought it might help get the kid moving around a little bit. We both ended up getting Waco shirts while we were there. I got blue and she got green. I love their shirts, they are so soft and comfortable. There’s just something about a really comfy t-shirt ya’ know? Makes you feel safe or something.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I’m planning on watching my favorite college football team, the Texas Longhorns, play their first game of the season tonight after church. That is, unless the kid decides to come.


Some days it is nice to just enjoy the simple things in life. I got home from work and was greeted with some really good smells coming from the kitchen. My sweet, nine months pregnant wife was just cooking away in there. She was cooking freezer meals for after she has the baby and despite having been cooking for a couple hours already, she offered to make me my favorite biscuits for supper. She is truly a Wonder Woman. Supper’s ready and we watch some YouTube together, the biscuits are incredible by the way! I’m sitting on the couch and she is just bouncing on her little exercise ball, she is so cute.

Man, I’ll miss our relaxing nights together, just the two of us, but I’m sure they will be replaced by some fun late nights with our little boy though. We’ll make new traditions and they will be awesome as well. And every now and then, on anniversaries and birthdays maybe, we’ll have someone watch the kid for us and we’ll watch some YouTube all over again, just the two of us, for old times sake. It will be epic.

If you are as lucky as I am and are spending the rest of your life with your best friend, cherish every moment you have with them. Sure all of the trips and dates and crazy experiences are all awesome, but so is the mundane if you are doing it with somebody you love.

Tomorrow should be good as well, I have some leftover biscuits for breakfast 👍🏻

P.S. As I’m sure you noticed if you have been following me on this little writing journey, I have not been able to stick with the daily posts. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or I do have the time but I can’t think of anything worthwhile to post. So I propose a new schedule: anytime I have the time and something to write about, I will, and if I don’t, I won’t. Thanks for reading.


Today was a good day. I felt sick yesterday and came home early from work. I had a very sore throat and just felt exhausted. This morning I slept in til 10:00, which I know is insane, but it felt so good. I felt much better than yesterday so me and the wife went to an outlet mall where we did a little shopping. I love doing things with just the two of us, we always have a lot of fun. I got our future son some Air Jordan 14s, which look super dope. Afterwards, we got some ice cream cones (double scoops!) and headed back home.

My wife had this very cheesy road trip bingo game with her and we made it our mission to find every single item on the card before we made it home. Let me tell you, it is extremely hard to find a pay phone anymore! We may have had to take a couple of extra turns on the way home, but I am proud to announce that we found every item on the card. Now that’s what I call a success!

Tonight we had dinner with some family at Fuddruckers (that is a really weird name for a restaraunt when you stop and think about it). It was a great time and our burgers were delicious. It’s hard to beat a good burger ya know?

All in all today was much improved compared to yesterday, it wasn’t even close. I hope you had an awesome Saturday as well.


You know how when you’re a kid and you will try about any rideable you can get your hands on? Whether it be a tricycle, big wheel, scooter, or rollerblades, you just go for it. Then as you get older, you travel mostly by vehicle or by foot. Why is that? What happens to our sense of adventure with transportation as we get older?

These are the questions I asked myself the other day as I was shopping with my wife over the Fourth of July weekend. We were in this store when something caught my eye, a beautiful blacked out skateboard, a Penny Nickel board to be exact. I just knew I had to have it. Sure I hadn’t ridden a skateboard in 15 plus years but who cares? Think of the fun I could have on this thing! I also thought of the injuries I could have and my awesome wife bought me a helmet.

And you know what, it is super fun! I was absolutely terrible at it at first, I mean horrible, but I am getting better slowly but surely. You can’t help but smile when you find some nice smooth concrete and you just zip around without a care in the world. I still have a long ways to go before I will be super comfortable riding my board but it is one of the best things I have bought in recent memory. So thanks, random store in Austin, for giving me that sense of wonder again as you’re about to try something new, you’re pumped and nervous at the same time, not sure if you’re going to be a natural or a failure. What a feeling!

And hey, it beats walking that’s for sure.


I forgot to post yesterday, this is still new to me so you get two posts today. I have been thinking a lot here lately about being a father. My wife and I’s first kid will be here anyday now and it’s kind of intimidating. Am I fit to be a father? I still feel like a kid myself sometimes. I’m sure this stuff goes through every first time father’s mind.

When I was little, I thought my dad knew everything and had all of the answers. He was and still is an amazing dad but him and mom didn’t have all the answers and make every right decision. They were just making it up as they went along, doing the absolute best that they knew how. That’s what my wife and I have to do. Follow the example of our parents where they excelled, try to be better where they struggled, work together as a team, and be willing to admit it when we make a mistake.
To sum it up, yeah I’m scared about being a parent. How could I not be? At the same time I’m looking forward to it. My life will probably never be the same but I think it will be for the better in almost every way.

I’ll miss the sleep though.


I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m meeting my cousins at my parents house tonight to play some Nintendo games & eat pizza. My parents recently moved and their new house has this legit home theater room. I was fortunate to be allowed to put everything together up there, hooking up the 7.1 surround, hooking up the consoles, running the Internet, etc. It’s an awesome room, complete with comfy couch, mini fridge, & a microwave for popcorn. I’m so glad my nieces and nephews have an awesome room to play in but let’s be honest, I also love being up there myself as well! We usually end up playing Smash Bros, 3 stock no items because we are professionals haha. My absolute favorite character in the game is the Animal Crossing Villager. Videogames look incredible on the giant screen up there. So yeah, I’m super looking forward to that. Hanging out with cousins & playing Nintendo is something I enjoyed as a kid, still enjoy today, and hopefully will enjoy even as I get older.


Had a great day today. Monday’s usually suck because after all, they’re Mondays, but today’s Monday just so happened to be pretty dope. Here are the top 5 reasons why today was great.

  • We got a lot of rain which really helped cool down this Texas heat.
  • I had a great day at work today. The rain slows things down in the field so I was able to have some relatively distraction free work today. I love it when that happens!
  •  I was able to secure 2 preorders for the NES Classic from Target.com today (Score!) This item was just made for me and now I know I will for sure get a couple when Nintendo inevitably doesn’t make enough of these for everybody who wants one for Christmas.
  • The boss bought lunch today and that is always awesome.
  • I am just about to go out on a date with my beautiful wife.

Not bad Monday, not bad at all.


Today was a good day. I was able to sleep in as well as get in a nap between church services. I was very behind on sleep as I helped out at a church camp for the youth of our church last weekend. It was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed getting closer to some of the kids. At the same time it was very hot and tiring but the positives far outweighed the negatives. Tonight after church and eating with friends, the wife and I went to Target and bought a bunch of household items like toilet paper, paper towels, & trash bags. I like to just get a massive amount of this stuff every few months rather than buy small amounts of it all of the time. I also bought some Pokemon cards while there because even after all of these years I still gotta catch em’ all! After that we went to Baskin Robins and got ice cream for dessert. It was awesome. I think the moral of this story for the kids is just enjoy being a kid. Someday you will turn around and be 30 years old and have adult responsibilities like a house mortgage and having to buy toilet paper. At the same time, you can still buy Pokemon cards and ice cream to make yourself feel like a kid again and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A new challenge

So I have been wanting to write more lately. After all, I own this domain and hardly ever post anything here anymore. I am going to try to write something everyday, which will definitely be a huge challenge for me. It will sometimes if not all of the times be very short but at least it will be something. I hope you will enjoy.

The iPad Pro


I purchased an iPad Pro 12.9″ (the big one) a few weeks ago and wanted to give my opinions on it now that I have had it for a while. I got the silver 128gb cellular iPad Pro. I also purchased the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil (more on the accessories later). I was not sure how I was going to like it, at first it seems comically large, but after spending some time with it I absolutely love it.
The Hardware – There’s no denying that the 12.9″ iPad Pro is huge. It is also pretty heavy when compared to the standard 9.7″, 1.57 pounds vs .96 pounds, but it is about as light as it can be given the size of the device. The Retina display is a joy to look at & I just love how big the display is. In fact, it has quite a bit more screen space then my laptop for the last several years, the 11″ MacBook Air. The speakers are a huge improvement over the previous iPads. There are now four speakers as opposed to two and they are on each corner of the iPad Pro. They get really loud if you crank them, so much so that I have not found the need to connect it to a bluetooth speaker. The battery life has been really good as well. I’m getting 12+ hours even when watching a ton of video. And the standby time has been great as well. I love that there is just zero battery anxiety with this device, if you have it fully charged in the morning you will not run it down in the course of a day.


The battery life on the iPad Pro is legit.

Another new hardware addition on the iPad Pro is the new smart connector on the bottom of the iPad when it is in landscape. This 3 pin connector allows it to attach to various 1st and 3rd party accessories wirelessly and with no power required from the accessory. This is a really cool new feature, one that I use nearly constantly with my Smart Keyboard.

Smart Connector

The Smart Connector

Lastly, the A9x chip and 4gb of ram make the iPad Pro 12.9″ super fast. Everything just flies on this thing.


Test results from the Geekbench app on my iPad Pro 12.9″

Overall, I really like the hardware of the iPad Pro. However there are a few nitpicks that I have with the hardware:

  1. Apple ships the iPad Pro with a dinky 12w charger that takes a very long time to charge the iPad. The 12.9″ iPad Pro supports fast charging via USB-C, but you have to pay about $75 for the necessary charger and cable. This is ridiculous on a device at this price point. They should ship it with the proper adaptor and cable.
  2. The iPad Pro is really not a one handed device, unlike the mini or regular size iPad. It is pretty unwieldy in portrait orientation. If you want something to read books on or slip into your purse, this is probably not the right device for you.

The Software – The new multitasking features introduced in iOS9 for the iPad were just made for the 12.9″ iPad Pro. Multitasking truly feels at home on this big screen. It gives you almost 2 full size iPad apps side by side. Check out the multitasking view in the picture below.

Narwhal (Reddit client) on the left, Safari on the right, and a picture in picture baseball game on top.


I have found myself using the multitasking view so much more with the Pro than I did with my iPad Air 2. There are a few other new software features that the 12.9 Pro gets, namely a full size software keyboard with a number row & a two column today view. These are still the early days for the 12.9″ iPad so while I feel like things will get better on the software front, not everything is rosy right now. A few of my gripes are –

  1. You can only have the same amount of icons on the home screen as all of the other iPads. There is so much wasted space!
  2. Some of the apps are still not optimized for split screen (Pocket), picture in picture (YouTube), or even the new screen size 😡 (Facebook).
  3. The multitasking app picker is just awful at trying to find the app you want. There needs to be a complete redesign as well as a search bar.

The Accessories – When Apple announced the iPad Pro, it also announced two brand new accessories that only work with the Pro – The Smart Keyboard & the Apple Pencil. I own both and would like to tell you my thoughts on each.


The smart keyboard is awesome, it has a full sized keyboard & doubles as a cover for the front of the iPad Pro.

The Smart Keyboard – Before I purchased my iPad Pro, I did a lot of research on various cases & keyboards. I narrowed my choices down to two options – the Smart Keyboard & the Logitech Create. Both keyboards have their pros & cons & both support the new smart connector on the iPad Pro. I decided on the Smart Keyboard due to it’s lighter weight, more minimal design, & the ability to pull it off as easily as a smart cover when I just want to use it as an iPad. That second part ended up not mattering much because I absolutely love the Smart Keyboard and would estimate it is connected to my iPad Pro 95% of the time that I use it. Some combination of it being a full size keyboard, it instantly responding to you pressing a key with no need to wait for a bluetooth connection, never needing to be charged, and all of the keyboard shortcuts available for the iPad in iOS 9, have just endeared me to this accessory in a way I had not imagined it would. I use it setting on a table, my desk, on my lap, as a stand for watching streaming content, etc. This is the accessory for the iPad Pro in my opinion. It also completely takes away one of my gripes with the 12.9″ Pro, namely it being a little hard to hold comfortably for extended periods. With the Smart Keyboard, my iPad simply rests on my desk or on my lap with no strain on my hands at all. Would it be better with backlit keys and a shortcut row of keys? Absolutely, and I hope that a future version does all of that but for what it is, I absolutely love it.



The Apple Pencil – Oh, the Apple pencil. It’s so beautiful and I love it so much, but I am not quite as bullish on it as I am on my Smart Keyboard. On one hand it is the best stylus I have ever used hands down. I’ve tried out a bunch of iPad styluses as well as the styluses for the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, and the Apple Pencil is just better. It has the least amount of latency I have seen and it is a joy to use. It is really fun to use in an adult coloring book app called Pigment. It is also really cool to take handwritten notes in Notability and Apple Notes. It’s useful for editing photos as well. But the main thing it is awesome for is for artists. If you like to draw, this is the stylus for doing that with. Unfortunately, I am not even close to being an artist so using the Apple Pencil for drawing is not something I can really take advantage of. This leads to me not using it that often and for what it cost, it’s hard to justify recommending it if you are not an artist or a big handwritten notes taker. I got it solely because I was excited about trying it out and because it looks so beautiful. I am trying to figure out ways that I can use it but right now it is not used as much as my Smart Keyboard.

So those are my thoughts on the iPad Pro. I love it and use it every day. I go for days without turning on my Mac since I got it. The fact that I can have a 12.9″ Retina display with tons of storage & power, LTE connectivity, all day battery life, and the huge app selection of iOS in a device that weighs what the original iPad weighed is just mind blowing to me.  At the same time, I know that the iPad Pro is not for everybody, especially the big one. It’s not a cheap device & some people are still more comfortable with a laptop or a desktop. That’s perfectly fine, use the device that is right for you but I firmly believe that the 12.9″ iPad Pro is the right device for me.