Links To The Past

Links to the Past-1

Hello and welcome to another installment of Links to the Past.

  • App Santa has another great list of discounted apps. The sale lasts through December 26th. Standouts for me are Deliveries, Tweetbot, & Launch Center Pro.
  • Brad & Dallas Woodhouse are brothers and on opposite political sides. They are arguing on C-Span when they get an unexpected caller to the show. “Oh no it’s mom”
  • Lego Ideas is an awesome site where people can submit ideas for Lego sets and if they get enough votes, Lego will look into possibly making and selling the set. I really hope this Pokemon Center gets released!
  • Interesting article here on what kind of phone you can get for $30 in India.
  • I didn’t even know there was a competitive Amazon reviewing scene but it’s even crazier than you could imagine!

Hope everyones has a great weekend. Until next time!