Links to the Past

Links to the Past-1

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a weekly series here on I’m calling it Links to the Past (Wink,wink, nudge nudge). Links to the Past will be a list of a few articles, videos, etc. that I find interesting throughout the week and post here every Friday. I do a lot of reading throughout the week, mostly through reeder and pocket and I thought, why not share the highlights here on the blog? Goodness knows this site could use some more content! So without further ado here is the first edition of Links to the Past.

  • This is a pretty cool article on an autistic boy’s growing friendship with Siri.
  • Really funny article here about CNN commentators on election night using the sponsored Microsoft Surfaces as stands to prop up their iPads. Reminds me of this gem. You can lead a horse to water…
  • Alibaba is a huge online shopping site in China. That much I knew. What I didn’t know is how big they really are. Alibaba just sold 9.3 billion dollars worth of merchandise in one dayThat’s way more than the U.S.’s five day thanksgiving holiday shopping combined.
  • I’ll leave you with this fascinating article – 52 of the World’s Most Widespread Myths & Misconceptions, Debunked.